RAF Cosford 2017 airshow
You probably saw the show report from last week concerning the Wicksteed at War Event, Well Rolling Thunder had been invited to attend and support RAF Cosford Airshow on the same weekend, Due to the dynamics of Rolling Thunder within the UK 
we managed to put on large displays at both events on the same weekend, now there can't be many groups that can do that !!!
We all trickled in on Saturday and managed to overcome a state of confusion due to the RAF changing location and size of our allotted pitch. Once that was managed everyone happily pitched in to get the two GP smalls up. They were to be the center focus of the display and we used Bill Hembery M109 as the central anchor parked between them. 
A quick deployment of Graham Worsfolds antenna array and we pretended his truck was not a workshop but a coms truck "artistic license". With great delight Josh Durran and Gerv Durran's Kaiser was rolled into place along side one of the GP smalls. The idea was that we would use their and Phil Hills tents as a outer boundary. Phil Hill came up with the great idea to slide in his MUTT along the Kaiser and so we had a nice Cav section rolling into "No Slack" already. 
The first GP small contained a recreation of an office in Camp Eagle of 1st LT D Sheridan and a mini coms/officer hooch. 
The double whistle announced the arrival of Alun Thomas and his Cargo.
 Using this as a strategic eye catcher for the public along side the second GP small (troop tent) thanks to Bradley Johnson and Laura Harrison and the cargo as a anchor point at the rear to stop the public from wandering in at the back. Swiftly followed by the cargo truck of Richard Cleggs we formed a trinity where two cargo trucks were unloading supplies coverd by the highland raider. Dotted around these a gaggle of Hex tents which were in use by the 101st airborne 327th. Conor Palmer, Derrick Heyes and Judith Gray/Mark Howarth were in charge of these.
To top it all of the RAF then decided with our suggestion to be fair to change our back drop and to include 2 aircraft into the display and extended the boundary for us., as this was observed by another aircraft owner who wanted his 02 birddog next to the A7 Skymaster. well.
The day itself was very busy with a lot of interest and compliments from the Cosford airshow officials. 
Again thank you to everyone pitching in and making my life easy as we as working all together to create a very nice display.
Anyway enjoy my pictures. 
I have messed around with them a little and hope you like what I did to you
Patrick " Dutch van Oosterom "
No Slack Living History Group, Part of Rolling Thunder
19029249_795028004004375_966498591361561644_n.jpg 19029489_795027907337718_3807685349731078669_n.jpg



Photos thanks to 
Dutch van Oosterom

 Some have been digitally enhanced 
to give a 60's look



19030275_795028280671014_1380832767801657994_n.jpg 19030486_795027867337722_3240160809674658580_n.jpg


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