Temple at war show report 12-14 May 2017

Cressing Temple Barns in Essex was the most glorious setting for this multi period show. Mainly concentrating on WW1 to the cold war.

Friday saw Pete Lailey and I setting up the shell of the Rolling Thunder Display (after sorting the correct postcode of the site). 
We got to know the neighbours and bartered over a little space.

20X10 Meters were booked and we got them, it was surprising how easy this was filled maybe it was a good thing that the original plain plan was scuppered by a major miss by the MOT man on patch!

It was a balanced based display and everything just “worked”. The Australian Dental Corps made a unique appearance at the show as did the comfort and convenience of the Red Shield Sally man tent with free flowing tea, coke, Anzac biscuits and Lardy cake both days.  

Pete and David did great work with representations of the US troops, with Pete changing from early 101ST  to 1ST Cav on the Sunday to present the latter part of the war. A nice accurate display was set up and received many positive comments. 
The photos speak for themselves.

Marcus Woodhouse came over with a sterling CIA impression and received lots of attention. Callum, His son came along and was the only NVA reenactor on site from what we are aware. Not only that was incredibly detailed and knowledgeable to the public.

Matt and Nick Reynolds along with Norton Walker did a sterling job with the Australian side of things as ever along with Saturday nights groups BBQ.

Peter Frost came on the Sunday as the protester, as ever most excellent and received all the deserved attention.

Thanks to Jack Burton who brought the M38 on Sunday, the only MV that we had, but it was enough and a great asset to the display of Pete and David.

What was very clear from the show, we were unique, all of what we did was unique and was different, it raised eyebrows and made people think about the other aspects of war and all the things that happen in the background to make the machine work. We were very open and not closed off, people interacted get involved and hands on, what we do best.

My personal highlight was 2 dental college lecturers in dental prosthetics that confirmed the accuracy of what had been done, and that they want to see developments when they come to War and peace.

The show as a whole was most excellent, relaxed and felt “right” not a small show my any means but the quality was superb. Very much more a living history show rather than a vehicle show but none the less one to come to if you can.  There were arena battles, albeit in a small scale, but high quality and accurately portrayed.

Its not all war! There was dancing, entertainment and beautiful gardens just to mention a few things that the Barns have to offer.

My Sincere thanks for allowing it under the RT banner and to everyone that came, donated and assisted with what the show was. Special thanks to My wife, son and Lou ( out of hospital The Thursday before after surgery) for making the Anzac biscuits and Nick for fitting in his car what I failed to in the van and trailer!


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