"Burtonwood Nostalgia Festival"

Members of Rolling Thunder, Derrick, Martin , Kieran and Roger
attended the RAF Burtonwood Nostalgia event to represent the Vietnam Experience.

Arriving on the Friday evening we soon set up camp and settled in for the night over a few beers. Come the Saturday cometh the rain (well for the morning anyway), once the rain stopped the public came out but due to the weather numbers were low however this didn't stop us all from displaying with Derrick and Martin showing off their fully rucked up grunt impressions and Kieran and Roger trying something new in the shape of a sniper team with its own diorama (red sand bamboo canes and weeping willow can go a long way). The weekend itself was a mix of vehicles and re-enactors with representatives from the Police and Army as well with a big thanks to the 2nd Battalion The Mercians who kindly offered to feed and water us..

Saturday was big band night so everybody put on their finest and avoided the dance floor and a good time was had by all! Sunday brought more rain but everybody worked through it and the public were very chatty and wanted to know who we all were and who we represented. All in all a nice local show to round off the season and one to put in the calendar for next year!
Derrick Heyes
, Martin Wilson, Kieran Rizzotti, Roger Hearn
On behalf of Rolling Thunder

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