Military Odyssey 2017 

Members of RT attended the Military Odyssey show here in England, a great multi period show with re-enactors from Romans to the Gulf War and everything in between. 
Instead of our usual large displays dioramas that we do at most shows, 
we went for the smaller personal displays to give members 
the chance to get their own collections out and have one to one with the public. 
Including a weapon display allowing the public a closer look to what was used and the opportunity to handle them. 
There was different styles of hooches with personal kit laid out. 
Peter Seal brought along his leeches and snake for visitors to handle and get to know more about the creatures 
from the jungles of Vietnam. 
As well as the displays, members took the opportunity to work with our fantastic Bao Chi Photographic unit 
and do some recreations and set pieces to camera. 
We also had the pleasure of having great friend and Vietnam Veteran Melly Mel attend the show 
and stay the night with us. 
Below is a selection of photographs of the displays and of our members in action.

21151273_1885140275068412_1744917486645268925_n.jpg 21151576_1885140311735075_6851024025005421229_n.jpg
21192959_1885140335068406_4923769795789835214_n.jpg P1140548.jpg
P1140554.jpg P1140556.jpg
P1140559.jpg P1140560.jpg
P1140561.jpg P1140564.jpg
P1140565.jpg P1140566.jpg
P1140567.jpg P1140646.jpg
P1140648.jpg P1140693.jpg

Photos taken by various RT members


This year our French Indochina section was very fortunate to able to orgenise photo shoots 
with two of the top UK Military photographers.

Sean Vatcher, 
RT "Bao Chi"
Facebook: Vietnam-báo chí photographic team 
Phil Royal
6bpc9.jpg PR8_5001edi-monologo2kv21.jpg
6bpc2.jpg PR8_4914-monologo2k.jpg
6bpc11.jpg castorbg21.jpg
6bpc12.jpg PR8_4710edi-monologo1.jpg
6bpc8.jpg castorbg11.jpg




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