2017 Overlord show

Rolling Thunder attended the Overlord Show on the south coast, 
near Portsmouth, UK. 
The 2/27th Wolfhounds put on a display in the living history field whilst other members displayed their Vietnam era vehicles. 
We arrived on the Friday in the blistering heat to set up, and then swiftly went to the beer tent for some liquid refreshment. During the night there was a huge thunder and lightning storm which set the scene for the weekend to come. Saturday was nice and warm, with plenty of public coming through the display, which was great. 
Rolling Thunder member and RT báo chí photographer made a surprise appearance, and we were delighted to see him – not just because he’s a nice guy – but also as he had his camera with him ! 
We rucked up and got some excellent patrol, and fantastic CS gas attack, shots which we were all really pleased with. Returning to camp we decided to add a bit more interest to the display, so dug a fox hole and filled sandbags, just as they would have done in the field. 
The weather was becoming unpredictable so a poncho roof was added to the trench to keep the troopers who were keeping guard dry. This was a great photo stop for the public, who enjoyed taking lots of shots. A nearby bridge provided an excellent spot for Luke to get under and practice his tunnel rat skills using his torch and de-activated 1911 pistol. 


Saturday night saw some of the troopers recon the beer tent in period ERDL uniforms, plenty of activity was found! 
Sunday was cloudy but warm, another good turnout from the public. 
As always lots of interest about the weapons which was good as we were able to show them authentic deactivated ones. 
In the evening we had a social with our neighbours the 82nd Airborne Vietnam Living History group – lots of laughs and good times were had by all. 
Monday morning saw us link up with the 82nd Airborne for a patrol around the showground, another good opportunity for photos. 
The show ended on Monday and everyone had a fantastic time.
Ben Kannemeyer, Rolling Thunder Member.

FB_IMG_1496163664769.jpg FB_IMG_1496163676823.jpg FB_IMG_1496163690408.jpg
FB_IMG_1496163713407.jpg  All photos thanks 
to Sean Vatcher, 
RT báo chí 

Thousands of tons of CS gas were reportedly used by the U.S. forces in Vietnam to bring the Viet Cong into the open. It was also used by the North Vietnamese forces during fighting in Hue in 1968 and the Easter Offensive in 1972.

At today's Overlord Show near Portsmouth the 'Wolfhounds' recreated the use of CS Gas.


Photo © Sean RT-báo chí



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