Rolling Thunder had the pleasure of being invited to the Helicopter Museum at Weston Super Mare here in the UK to their Military Vehicle and Living History show.

The museum has the largest collection of Helicopters in the world including The Queens Wessex Helicopter, The world speed record lynx Helicopter and the mighty Russian Hind. 

As well as these they also have a Loach and a UH-1H which served in Vietnam.

RT put on a large display of kit and equipment from the 25th Infantry and 7th Air Cav 
as well period military vehicles. 

Some of ours members also portrayed Helicopter crewmen.

There was plenty of interest from other re-enactors as well as the public.

We were also lucky enough to be allowed in and around the Huey for Photographs 
as well as receiving lots if information about the Aircraft.

We also had the pleasure of meeting three new members to RT, 
good to meet you and thank you for joining guys.

All in all a very enjoyable weekend, thank you to everyone at the Helicopter museum for a great weekend and look forward to next years show.

  Our first photo report is in BW

17523387_10212432118620693_5823867662252478537_n.jpg 17634827_10212432117020653_3341382077417097609_n.jpg 17858116_10211364515325112_349202870_n.jpg
17861684_10212432118300685_1246225344662839305_n.jpg 17862368_10212432116900650_6154304737688731799_n.jpg 17888296_10211364514365088_1594418963_n.jpg
17909438_10211364513245060_2047316519_n.jpg 17910752_10211364516005129_2124899806_n.jpg 17911067_10211364512005029_498593919_n.jpg

2nd photo report is in no order and show the quality of our display and re-enactors in full colour

17523495_1058170864288230_6984253703629089848_n.jpg 17523169_10158474116990585_4692460270041695585_n.jpg 17634584_1237635016354010_8982870003581268185_n.jpg
17757287_10158474117230585_4894653456696868862_n.jpg 17862274_1058170837621566_5165598171690742527_n.jpg 17862459_10208166789718554_7221192979285835526_n.jpg
17862374_1058170710954912_2554961762441559719_n.jpg 17862461_1058170824288234_549512523131755751_n.jpg 17862484_1058170594288257_3950912605426773707_n.jpg
17862493_1058170557621594_3157104160322535930_n.jpg 17862545_1058170554288261_2133426274232815503_n.jpg 17862611_1058170747621575_1343713472784292321_n.jpg
17862718_680503115455276_3637668648017651841_n.jpg 17883584_1058170740954909_2905325202217558777_n.jpg 17883665_1237905889660256_5869895822646630166_n.jpg
17884631_10158474117625585_1087539382760142094_n.jpg 17888319_10211364513525067_1888268264_n.jpg 17910780_10211364514085081_144790377_n.jpg
17918887_10211364515045105_216753926_n.jpg BAZ1.jpg DSCF3260.jpg
DSCF3264.jpg DSCF3272.jpg DSCF3287.jpg
DSCF3292.jpg DSCF3306.jpg DSCF3309.jpg

A subject not often seen at shows is the ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam)

17861919_1058170627621587_1453927974830224954_n.jpg 17911010_10211364514045080_1094108721_n.jpg 17911025_10211364514765098_535275724_n.jpg




Now something which was not in the 60/70's is HDR (high definition resolution) which is a treatment that I have applied on some of the above pictures. The purists will not like it, 
but this gives the photos a very drammatical look.  

2017WESTONHDR (10).jpg 2017WESTONHDR (11).jpg 2017WESTONHDR (12).jpg
2017WESTONHDR (13).jpg 2017WESTONHDR (14).jpg 2017WESTONHDR (2).jpg
2017WESTONHDR (3).jpg 2017WESTONHDR (4).jpg 2017WESTONHDR (5).jpg
2017WESTONHDR (6).jpg 2017WESTONHDR (7).jpg 2017WESTONHDR (8).jpg
2017WESTONHDR (9).jpg I hope you enjoy it. JLD  (webmaster) To find more about the Helicopter Museum at 
Weston Super Mare 

visit their website 



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